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History of Organization

History of Organization

The traffic violation adjudication business happened inside New Taipei City used to be handled by the Taipei Motor Vehicle Supervision Office of the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC. Due to the reason that New Taipei City has been upgraded as a special municipality since December 25, 2010, New Taipei City therefore in accordance with the business authorization regulation under Article 8(3) of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act announced and enforced the “Organic Regulations of Traffic Adjudication Office of New Taipei City Government” by the Taipei Gov. Regulations No. 1012694507 on October 24, 2012, and established this Office on December 5, 2012.


In this Office’s early days, it borrowed the office from the Shulin District of Taipei Motor Vehicle Supervision Office, and only set up the Accident Reconstruction Section for its early business unit, which handled the accident reconstruction business belonging to the “Traffic Accident Investigation Committee of New Taipei City” (An intermediate organization of New Taipei City, and was closed on December 5, 2012) before. From January 28, 2013, this Office takes over traffic violation penalty business which used to belong to the Taipei Motor Vehicle Supervision Office, and adds four sections, i.e., Cases Management Section, Violation Penalty Section, Violation Complaint Section and Backlog Collection Section. It additionally sets up penalty counters in Banqiao Motor Vehicle Supervision Station, Luzhou Motor Vehicle Supervision Station and Keelung Motor Vehicle Supervision Station, and there are totally 97 people have been moved with the business.


After the establishment of this Office, in order to provide a high quality business environment and improve the problem of being lack of office space, it moved to its current address in Banqiao District on November 18, 2013, and sets the service center on the 2nd floor of the Building of the Revenue Service Office, New Taipei City Government. On its previous address, in Shulin District, it still has the penalty window.